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  • Email:   jessica.miller@stpsb.org

    School Phone Number:  985-951-8088

    Class website:  moodle.stpsb.org

  • Jessica Miller

            Hello and welcome to our Monteleone Junior High Band class.  I have been teaching for eight years so far and this is my sixth year teaching here at Monteleone.  I love teaching muisc and I especially love teaching the children in St. Tammany!  I love to share how beautiful and inspirational music making can truely be and I enjoy doing so with each and every student that I meet. 

        I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2010 with a bachelor's degree in Instrumental Music Education where I was classically trained in instruction of orchestration, conducting, jazz, and wind ensemble repetoire.  I learned how to play several wind and percussion instruments but the instrument that I performed the most on was the flute.  I studied the flute for 13 years and still play on it every once and a while when I get a chance.  

        I look forward to this new school year and to meeting each new band student.  We will cover many interesting topics, like information about jobs in the music industry, the science behind sound and intonation, and how to play like a pro on your instrument.  We will also learn and get to perform a lot of very fun pieces including music for pep band, jazz band, and concert band.