Stephen Feinland
  • This is my seventh year at Riverside Elementary and my sixteenth year as a teacher. My educational background began at the University of New Olreans, where I earned a Master's Degree in Mild/Moderate Special Education. After a few years, I went back to school for a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from The George Washington University, where I graduated in 2009.  As a parent of seven children, I understand the need for creating a safe and caring learning environment.

    As a special education teacher, my goal is to help every child reach their fullest potential. My phylosophy is that all children have skills and as an educator, it is my desire to help them reach that potential we all have in us. This year I will be teaching 4th-Grade Resource and co-teaching with Ms. Luxich. It is exciting to be back in the regular education classroom and working in an inclusive classroom to help every child succeed.

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