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    Hello and Welcome to the most interesting, challenging and fun subject that will launch you into becoming successful in the future.  

     "Always take the intiative to Excel and Do the Right Thing"


    I am Major(Ret) Paul D. Vorenkamp, a retired Army Officer with 30 years of leadership experence in levels of command and have learned leadership from some of the greatest minds of the GREATEST GENERATION and more recent generations.  I have commanded military organizational levels of many kind and bring a wealth of knowledge to this outstanding LIFE SKILL BUILDING program.  I have worked in the Heart Device business world for many years prior to this wonderful teaching position I have been doing for 9 years as the Senior Army Instructor.  I realized that I wanted to make a difference in young adults and to help with properly preparing them for life's journey. 


    I graduated from Nicholls State University in 1986 with a bachelor's in Production Management.  Later , I earned an Executive MBA & Infomation Management Masters as well as a  Strategic Management Planning Masters from the Command and General Staff College in Leavenworth, Kansas.  I have been teaching and training my whole life and 9 years here at Lakshore High School. I have a deep pocket of qualifications for teaching this program and throughly enjoy teaching young adults and watch their growth to become very successful young men and women in the business world.

    I look forward to this new school year. We will cover many interesting topics, community service work, mentoring younger students at our Elementary Schools and have a full calendar of events with teams within the program to compete and show thier pride and feel the sense of accomplishment and praise for doing a fine job as a team member. If you ever need me to discuss any matter or give some advice, please call me at the number given on the welcome page.

    I look forward to meeting all parents soon and trying to help your child to realize their potential to be successful!



    Paul D.Vorenkamp