Rebekah Granger Ellis


  • Rebekah Granger Ellis, M.Ed., Ph.D. Research Fellow


    I am very excited to welcome you to our gifted program in St. Tammany parish.  We cover all areas of knowledge development and exploration from Algebraic thinking; problem-based discovery; service-learning and community outreach; robotics and computer programming; physical, earth and life sciences; literature and language studies; advanced visual arts; and much more!

    I am a research fellow in the Department of Education and Human Development at the University of New Orleans. My research interests include socio-affective development, neuroscience education, socio-affective and gifted education. My M.Ed. is in education of the gifted and instructional technology and my Ph.D. specializes in socio-affective development in gifted education.  

    My 15 years of instruction spans 1st-8th grades and university graduate classes in literacy, peace education, moral development and gifted education. As a national Educator of Distinction, state Teacher Leader, and two-time Teacher of the Year, I enjoy frequently presenting at international, national, and regional conferences, as well as local workshops for teachers and curricula developers.  

    I look forward to working with you this school year.