Andrew Knock
  • Andrew Knock

    Lakeshore High School

    Administrative Assistant

    Athletic Director

    985-624-5046 ext. 2105

  • Lakeshore is more than a high school; it’s a community, and I am proud to be a part of it.

    I am St. Tammany Parish raised and educated and attended Louisiana State University where I earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees.

    Before joining the faculty at Lakeshore, I taught everything from Fifth Grade in Honolulu, Hawaii to Junior High and High School in St. Tammany. I have been a member of the Titan family since the year of our first graduating class. As a member of the Social Studies Department, I taught World Geography, American and World History, and (favorite of all) Psychology.

    Currently, I serve as Lakeshore’s Administrative Assistant, working closely with the school’s Administration, and as its Athletic Director. On top of these duties, I am a Senior Class Co-Sponsor and head Tennis coach and have previously served as the head Boys Soccer coach and as an assistant volleyball coach.

    I look forward to another excellent year for the Lakeshore community!

    Come and walk by my side

    Through the doors of Lakeshore High

    Altogether, friends old and new

    Lakeshore we will honor you

    With hope and gladness singing

    “Alma Mater we love you!”

    We will never forget you

    Dear Lakeshore High