Ms. Hickman, Art Teacher, rm. 413
  • Art Teacher, Art I, II, AP Studio Art, grades 9-12

    National Art Honor Society and Art Club Sponsor

    Cross Country Assistant Coach


  • Shelley Hickman

    Ms. Hickman brings to the classroom 20+ years of teaching experience and a working knowledge of visual art techniques, practices and theories.   Want to activate your imagination and engage all of your senses?  In Studio 413, each day is a new adventure!  We will tap into your talents, ideas, and experiences to create the ultimate learning environment that engages artists from all levels and backgrounds, from the beginner to the professional artist.

    My background includes undergraduate studies at Purdue University, graduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, continuing studies at James Madison University and the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.  I have taught for the public schools in Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, and Louisiana, in addition to private lessons and teaching for community centers and art studios.  When I'm not teaching, I'm either assisting with the Cross Country team, spending time with my family, or working in my art studio.  A career highlight was when I was awarded Covington High School's Teacher of the Year, 2016-17.  It was a genuine honor to have been nominated and voted on by my colleagues.

    Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."  Whether someone considers oneself to be an artist or not, unleashing the imagination can lead to some pretty amazing creative outcomes.  Join in on the fun, discover your potential, and build your confidence to levels you never thought possible!