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  • To all Students and Parents, 

    Welcome to another year at PR. I am entering my 15th year as a Business Teacher. This will be my 7th year at PR. Previously I worked in St. Bernard Parish at St. Bernard High and Chalmette High. In addition to my time in St. Bernard Parish, I also worked at Northshore High School for four years. I teach Basic Careers, Customer Service, and Principals of business. My Business background and Masters of Business Administration Degree makes this class schedule ideal. 

    In addition to teaching, I spend a lot of my time trying to help turn around the athletic situation here at Pearl River High. Over the last two years I have coached Football, Track, and helped with getting the Powerlifting Program going. Even though there are many obstacles in the way, coaching the kids at PR is very rewarding. They work extremely hard and appreciate the fact that I am giving up time from my own family to help them reach their goals. It has been fun watching the program change over the last 2 years, and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

    My wife, Courtney Labourdette, and our three kids, Aubrey (11) Shelby (8) and Logan (3), love supporting PR. We make it a priority to spend time around the campus at athletic events and in the community at STS fields to help make this place better.  We look forward to the  day our children are here at PR with us. But until then, we will continue to work with and treat the kids at PR like we do our own. 

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