mshea headshot
  • Meghan Shea MFA

    Talented Theatre Teacher

    Salmen High School (base)

    Riverside Elementary (on site)

    -Sixtth ward

    Brooks -TAP center (on site)

    -Whispering Forest

    -Honey Island


    -St. Tammany Jr.



  • Meg Shea is thrilled to return to Salmen High School.   During her 4 year absence from the Talented Arts Program she achieved her MFA in Theatre Performance from the University of New Orleans, travelled a decent chunk of the world, and worked in local and professional theatres.   Ask her about her travels, she loves telling stories. Mrs. Shea is a product of the Talented Theatre Program.  She grew up in Covington and took theatre with the great George Sanchez.   She has learned so much from her teachers, Larry Silverberg, Lisa Konaplisky, Chip Bolcik, Aimee Hayes, James Yeargain, David Hoover, Henry Griffin - this list could go on and on; and challenges her to rise to their standards daily.

    Mrs. Shea has known that teaching theatre was her calling since she was eleven. She made a sign she put on the road outside the woods near her home "Drama Camp - $50" with a giant arrow just pointing to the woods.  Where she was, awaiting her clientell.  No one actually paid her the money then but she still has the IOU's from her siblings and the neighborhood kids she encouraged to enact elaborate-candy-fueled stories.

    Mrs. Shea now lives in Slidell with her husaband, two cats (Winston Churchill and Oyster PoBoy), as well Ziggy the dog.