Mrs. Sangeeta Nayar Thomas


    WELCOME to Fourth Grade!

    BACKGROUND:  I recently got married and my new last name is THOMAS. Please continue to use NAYAR for email until School Board makes required changes.

    Briefly, I am a transplant from Malaysia and come from a family of educators. I have a B.Sc. in Business Management (1988) and an MBA (1990), both from UNO. I worked for the Surgery Department at LSUMC in the 90s. I left that position to raise my two sons. I was an active PTA Committee member and volunteer in all their schools. I received my teaching certification in 2007 and was assigned to Clearwood that same year. As a result, I have been on both sides of the coin, so to speak - PARENT and TEACHER.

    OBJECTIVE:  to make learning enjoyable in a safe environment. Children should WANT to come to school and be engaged andexcited about learning new concepts and material, learn socialization and life skills. They should be able to explore the wonders of information presented and available (properly filtered), be able to express it to show that they have fully understood them.

    EXPECTATIONS: Students should be respectful and have a positive attitude toward school. Good manners are essential.  Completion of homework and class assignments are a given and expected of EACH and EVERY child. Homework is an extension of understanding. It reinforces concepts, lessons; a practice for students, like a review.

    ORGANIZATION:   is one key factor to success. Read and review the handbook with your child and ensure that they are familiar with rules. They have a folder and spiral notebook for Science, the same for Social Studies. They should have a folder for Math, a folder and a composition book for ELA. They MUST have a folder used as a Take Home folder. They have been issued a Blue Folder as their Parent/Teacher Communication and Graded Papers Folder (which was sent home 8/10/17 with first day of school forms and information). That folder belongs to the school and cannot be written in or defaced in any way. The student will NOT keep that folder. My homeroom will have cubbies to store their books and supplies. Folders and notebooks for Social Studies and ELA will "live" in their bookbags.  This way, students have access to them for review/study, complete homework, or have parents check their assignments.

    PARENT/GUARDIAN DUTIES:  Parental involvement is another key to success.Check child's planner/agenda everyday, ensure work is completed. SIGN the bottom of planner each day (for bonus participation grade), Behavior grade (colors) will be marked by each subject. Checkmarks by what they have written indicates that I have checked their planner for correctness in writing the assignments.  Every subject square should have something written in it. If there are no assignments or homework, students will write "NONE."  When in doubt, check this website for assignments, due dates, etc. Please respond to emails as that is the best way for me to communicate with you. If you need to conference with us, please email and we will let you know our availability.  Access your child's grades via JPAMS.  Username and Password will be mailed to you within a week or two. Check this weekly so there are no surprises at interim or report card issuance. I will send home Graded Papers every 2 weeks. 

    CONCLUSION:  We had a very busy first day. We will be learning procedures and routines - this takes a while! Starting next week, we will be in full throttle mode!  Thank you for entrusting me with your child. I hope that together, your child will flourish and be successfull while at CLEARWOOD.