Melanie C. Seghers
  • Mrs. Seghers, B.S., M.Ed.



    I am excited to teach the students at Lancaster Elementary.  As a health and physical education graduate from the University of New Orleans, with a Master's in curriculum and instruction, my program is centered on showing students that a lifetime of physical activity is possible for anyone at any level.  My goal is to help children experience a variety of activities with physical, emotional, intellectual, and social benefits for an active, healthy future.  As a teacher, I recognize that children develop at different levels with a variety of needs and interests.  For this reason, I attempt to use a range of valuable and enjoyable experiences.  Each lesson adapts to the wide range of skill and fitness levels of children at this age.

    At Lancaster Elementary, the students will have Physical Education twice a week for 33 minutes.  Classes will take place in the gym, on the yard, or in a classroom.  For safety and best performance, students are required to wear proper fitting tennis shoes and clothes suitable for movement and activity.  Most classes begin with warm-ups, followed by a brief instructional period.  Then the students participate in the main activity, and class ends with a cool down.  Student participation and effort, along with occasional skill and health evaluations, are used for assessment.  Students are excused from daily participation by written note only.  I look forward to a great year of activity and health.