Jason Mecklenborg
  • Brief Bio:  I am originally from Northwest Indiana and graduated from Indiana University.  

    Experience:  I taught English in Nashville, TN for three years before I moved to Louisiana.  When I moved to Madisonville, I received a job teaching English I Honors at Northshore High School in Slidell where I taught for three years, two of which I also taught English I Gifted along with Honors.  I then took a job at MHS because it would eliminate my 45 minute commute.  It was a difficult decision at the time, but it has turned out to be the best professional decision I have ever made.  MHS is a wonderful school with a great faculty and administration, and I feel blessed to be a part of this wonderful community. 

    Class Mission:  My main goal is to always help my students advance in life.  Academically, this means to help them improve their critical thinking and writing skills.  However, I try to help my students understand that these skills go beyond an ELA classroom; speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills are used in every part of their academic and professional life so it is a focus in my classroom.  That being said, I love the curriculum that is given to me by the parish and I cannot wait to see where it helps my students go.