Olivia Richards
  • Olivia Richards 

    Welcome to your 2018-2019 school year!  I am Mrs. Richards and I teach Spanish 1A (7th grade and Intro to Spanish) and 1B (8th grade Carnegie Unit class for High School Spanish 1.  I have taught for 21 years.  My professional credentials are a Bachelor Degree in Child-Development (California State University), Teaching Degree (UCLA) and a Master of Science in Administration and Preliminary Services (Pepperdine University). 

    I am extremely passionate about teaching Spanish. I taught English for many years and I use that experience to teach Spanish.  I find it fascinating to see how students’ minds and hearts are changed when they are exposed to different ways of seeing the world through becoming bilingual. My intent is to teach Spanish so my students can build a base for becoming Bilingual Citizens of America! Learning a second language can be used for the rest of one’s life. Please keep in mind that this is a High School Credit class so there will be lots to memorize in order to build the second language. Let’s have a great school year!