Mrs. Eva M. Amar, M.Ed.
  • Mrs. Eva M. Amar, M.Ed

    Sixth Ward Elementary

    985-863-7126 (office)

    Current Grade - 2nd

  • I began my teaching career in the 1999 school session in Orleans Parish Public Schools.  After the storm of 2005 I moved to the St Tammany Public School System. 

    I began working at Sixth Ward Elementary in the 2006 school session.  I love working at Sixth Ward because of the caring nature of the teachers for the students and

    the high level of parental support that exist here.  I work hard each day to stimulate and motivate my students toward a lifelong love of learning.


    My mission is to assist my students in becoming a community of productive workers, ready to fulfill their responsibility to themselves and to their community.  With

    parental support, I will do this by working to improve reading, writing and math skills throughout the school year.  I will also address current events, social studies, and

    science issues so that my students will become better informed about the world around them.  In this fast paced world that we must live, we are preparing our way by

    becoming literate in technology and computer skills.  Technology lessons are integrated into our daily lessons as well as into the school's curriculum.  

    Together we will prepare for the future.