Ms. Kimberly Yahn
  • Third Grade

    Subjects being taught are Math, Reading,

    Language Arts, Spelling, Science, and 

    Social Studies.

  • Spelling Words for next two weeks

    Test Friday, Oct. 27th

    wrap  knit  gnat  wrists  knots

    wrote  knight  sign knock wreack 

    know wreck  know  wring    gnaws

    write  wrong  throw  spray  scratch

    wristwatch  knapsack





  • Test  Friday, Oct. 27th

    Reading Voc. Words


    salutation  (greeting)






  •           Ms. Kimberly Yahn

            Third Grade

  •  Lee Road Jr. High is out of this world! 

    Welcome to our third grade galaxy!

    I am looking forward to being your child's

    teacher during the 2017-2018 school year.

    As a mother and a certified teacher with

    twenty-one years experience, I believe

    learning is an adventure and every child

    has their own unique personality, learning

    styles, talents and other fine qualities. I will

     work very hard to create a positive, successful,

    loving, and comfortable learning environment to

    insure your child's Third Grade will be filled with

    numerous learning opportunities. I feel honored

    to have the privilege to work with you to create a

    great year of learning for your child.


  • Things to Know:


    * Please check your child's binder every night for important papers, their behavior calendar, 

    daily homework assignments, homework in Math. Reading, Lanuage, and Spelling, spelling                                                                                                                                     homework journal, homework study guides, and homework study cards.

    *Every Friday the new spelling words and new eeading vocabulary words go home for the next week.

    * Every Monday the class newsletter will go home that is filled with important information.

    *Every Thursday, I will be sending home the Lee Road Purple Folder for you to look at last week's test papers,

    sign the comment sheet, and then return.

    * Daily lunch 11:20-11:40 and recess 11:40-12:00

    * Our Pull-out Class Schedule: Monday: Library 9:15-9:45, Tuesday: Music 10:15-10:45, Wednesday: Computer 10:15 -10:45,

    Thurdsay: P.E. 10:15-10:45 ( please wear tennis shoes), Friday: Art 8:45-9:15 and P.E. 10:45-11:15 (please wear tennis shoes).

    * I'm always in my classroom before school at 7:30 if you have and questions or just would like to visit because you are                                                                                   always welcome in our classroom.

  • Study 2 math facts

    2x0=0    2x1=2   2x2=4   2x3=6   2x4=8   2x5=10   2x6=12

    2x7=14   2x8=16   2x9=18  2x10=20  2x11=22   2x12=24

    Study 5 math facts

    5x0=0   5x1=5    5x2=10    5x3=15   5x4=20   5x5=25   5x6=30

    5x7=35   5x8=40  5x9=45  5x10=50  5x11=55  5x12=60

    Study 10 math facts

    10x0 =0   10x1=10  10x2=20   10x3=30   10x4=40  10x5=50

    10x6=60  10x7=70  10x8=80   10x9=90   10 x10=100

    10x11=110    10x12=120

    Study 3 math facts

    3x0=0    3x1=3  3x2=6  3x3=9  3x4=12  3x5=15  3x6=18 

    3x7=21  3x8=24  3x9=27  3x10=30    3x11=33  3x12=36

     Study 4 math facts

    4x0=0    4x1=4  4x2=8  4x3=12  4x4=16  4x5=20  4x6=24

    4x7=28  4x8=32  4x9=36  4x10=40  4x11=44  4x12=48

  • This Week's Test Scedule:

    Tuesday: Social Study Activity

    Wednesday: Science Activity & Reading Cold Comprehension

    Thursday: Reading Story Test & Lang. Quiz

    Friday: Math Concepts Test, Reading Voc. Test, Spelling Test, and Lang. Test