Mr. Kemp
  • Adam Kemp

        Your Future Begins Here!

              I want to take this time to welcome your studnet to the eighth grade and to my classroom.  This is a special time in your child's life, being so close to becoming a high school student with increased responsibilities.  It is a time for students to prove to themselves and others that they can succeed in school and that their success is primarily in their hands.  I am excited about this new year of discovery awaiting us.  We are going to spend this great year preparing your child for success not only in the eighth grade but also in high school and beyond.

              I believe that effective teaching, learning, and caring are important to success. To ensure that your students reach their full potential, I work hard in preparing each lesson utilizing as many resources as possible.  My ultimate goal as a dedicated  teacher is to assist you and your students in making that mathematical connection to the “real world.”   By doing so, perhaps they will then understand the importance of mathematics in their lives.  I will also encourage each student to question, explain, and demonstrate concepts to me and to fellow students.  When one does so, each and every student, as well as I, will learn from our experiences.  Most importantly, I care about your students' success and will do everything in my power to provide a safe, organized, and supportive classroom environment that will assist their learning.

             My pledge is to bring everything I have learned through my bachelor's degree, master's degree, and innumerable professional developments through my 24 years of teaching experience into the classroom for the 2017-2018 year. TOGETHER we will take the necessary steps toward success for a lifetime.