• Ms. Usey


    My name is Ms. Usey. I have been teaching art in this parish since 2005. I love what I do and where I work!

    I graduated from William Carey College in 2002 with a BFA in Graphic Design. In 2005, I graduated from Southeastern University with an K-12 grade Art Education Certification.

    I am so excited to be your childs' art teacher this year. We will cover so many fun and interesting topics.

  • What We Will Cover This Year...

    1st 9 weeks

    We will get to know each other and work on projects for our school booth for Paridh Fair. Students will be introduced to the elements and principles of art.


    2nd 9 weeks (Usually the hardest)

    Students will learn how to read and use the ruler, so this is alot of Math. This will consit of:

    1. learning fraction order

    2. measureing

    3. learning to draw using perspective 


    3rd and 4th 9 weeks

    Students will be working with a varirty of mediums. They will learn about time periods and well known artists during that time.

  • Supplies Needed EVERY Day:

    1. Pencils (3 or more) and eraser (NO led pencils)

    2. Student planner

    3. ART notebook or binder/folder with paper

    4. 2 Blue or black ink pens (not gel)

    5. Student ID on shirt