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    Girls Volleyball

    Boys Basketball


    Girls Track

    Boys Volleyball

  • Coach Patrick Daniel. 

    I have been a Physical Education Teacher and Coach at Fontainebleau Jr. High for 13 years.  I have coached Boys Basketball, Football, Boys Track, Girls Track, and Boys Volleyball.  I have been a part of District Champions in every sport that I have coached.  This year I am:

    Head Football Coach

    Head Basketball Coach

    Athletic Director

    Physical Education Department Head


    Volleyball and Football Study Guide Each Bullet represents a question with the answer contained in it

    . -There can be six players on a volleyball court at one time

    The scoring used in High school and College games is called Rally Scoring Volleyball is played until one team reaches 25 points and is up by at least 2 points.

    In Volleyball you can only hit the ball 3 times on your side before it must go over the net.

    The three most common hits in volleyball are a bump/forearem pass, set, spike.

    A Spike or an Attack is a volleyball hit sharply downward by the offense.

    The serving position is the right back corner of the court.

    When receiving the serve the first hit should be a bump/forearm pass.

    In volleyball a Set is used to “set up” the attack or spike.

    A serve that is not returnable and results in a point is an Ace.

    Players cannot hit the ball two times in a row.

    The volleyball can touch the net at any time if it goes over and stays in bounds.

    It is proper etiquette to roll the ball under the net after a point has been made.

    The Objective of football is to have possession of the football in your opponent’s end zone.

    A touchdown is worth 6 points, a field goal is worth 3 points, a safety is worth 2 points, a 2 point conversion is worth 2 points, and an extra point attempt after a touchdown is worth 1 point.

    Offensive football positions are Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Half Back, Full Back, Running Back, Tight End, Offensive Linemen.

    Defensive Football Positions are Safety, Corner, Linebackers, Defensive Ends, Defensive Linemen.