Juliana Sciortino
  • (985) 796-3820


  •      I have been the Assistant Principal at Folsom Elementary for 5 years now.  

         After graduating from Southeastern Louisiana Universtiy in 1999 with a Bachelors degree in Special Education and a dual certification in Elementary Education, I began my teaching career in St. Charles Parish.  I taught students with disabilities there for 6 years, from 1999-2005.  While teaching there, I attended University of New Orleans and graduated with a Masters in Business Administration in 2003 and then went on to receive a Masters of Education degree in the area of Elementary Principalship in 2006 from Southeastern Louisiana University.  

           In 2005, I transferred to St. Tammany Parish Public Schools where I taught at Florida Aveue Elementary for a year before tranferring to Folsom Elementary.  I taught at FES from 2006-2013 when I then began my tenure as Assistant Principal.

         I am very happy to be at Folsom Elementary and love our small rural community.  It truely is "A Great Place to Be."