Brian Donnelly


  • Hello, I am Coach Donnelly, and I am excited to be starting my 10th year at Abney Elementary and 12th year overall.  Prior to teaching elementary P.E. I spent time coaching college football in Thibodaux, LA and in Long Island, NY.  I also spent time working in the business world, as both a commercial credit analyst and for a Big 4 Public Accounting Firm.

    In P.E. this year we will focus on the various components of physical fitness such as muscular strength, cardio respiratory fitness, and mobility/flexibility, as well as sport skill fundamentals.

    Character development is also a large focus in our class, and each student will strive to follow the five rules of our gym:

    1) When the Coaches talks, you listen.

    2) Pay attention and follow directions.

    3) Always have self-control.  

    4) Wear the right shoes and clothes.

    5) I control my actions, regardless of what students around me are doing.

    I believe these rules are fundamental for success at school and in life.