Cassandra Rogers
  • Mrs. Cassandra Rogers 

    Covington High School


    CHS phone:  (985)892-3422

    Gifted English I

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  • Mrs. Cassandra Rogers, M.Ed.

    Mrs.Rogers has over 16 years of teaching experience, twelve of which involve serving gifted students in St. Tammany Parish.  She is beginning her third year at Covington High School. Mrs. Rogers is an avid reader, and enjoys getting book recommendations from her students.  Outside of school, she enjoys travel and spending time with her husband and daughter.

    The Gifted English program is designed to build on the standards and skills presented across grade/ability level while promoting the individual productive thinking processes of each student.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in enrichment opportunities that highlight the areas of critical, creative, research, and affective thinking.