Ms. Kerlec


  • Kacie Kerlec

    Hi friends and welcome to Ms. Kerlec's 5th Grade Math class! This is my 15th year teaching and all have been at Bonne Ecole. My first 4 years were in second grade and the last 11 have been in 5th grade. This is the third year we are departmentalized, and I am happily teaching 5th grade Math. I have always had a love of teaching and Math since childhood, and it is an honor to have been teaching the children of St. Tammany Parish for the last 15 years!

    In 2003, I graduated from LSU with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. The following year, I graduated from LSU Grad School with a Master's Degree in Elementary Education. Throughout the years, I have attended professional development on many curricular topics some including Promethean, Kagan, and Every Day Counts Math.

    I am looking forward to another school year filled with learning, fun, and growing together! I cannot wait to see my students shine!