Ms. Gunter
  • Paige B Gunter

                     Welcome to 8th grade ELA. I’ve taught over 20 years, and each year brings new opportunities and enthusiasm. I’ve been a proud marlin since Monteleone opened in 2005, but I’ve taught grade levels 7-12. I’ve taught in the traditional school setting as well as in the juvenile justice system. I even taught preschool for a few years. I believe my unique experience makes me a better junior high school teacher.

                    I graduated from Auburn University in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Language Arts Education.  I continue to adapt and learn through professional development, trainings, and workshops.  

                    One of the most important things I hope to accomplish each year is to foster a love of reading.  It’s my belief that every student can learn to love to read.  We will also be doing a great deal of writing and analyzing text.  I can’t wait  to get started.