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Charity LeBlanc

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          I received my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Southern Mississippi in 2004. This will be my 14th year in St. Tammany Parish and this is the first year I will be the Dual Enrollment Coordinator full time. I am very excited to be in charge of this unique position at Salmen High School.

          I was first hired as a gifted English teacher at Boyet Jr. High. I taught for four years at Boyet and suddenly, an opportunity opened up at Salmen. They wanted to hire a new English teacher to teach 12th grade as well as broadcasting. Since I had a strong technology background growing up, I was really excited to teach a media class.  I was also lucky enough to be the first teacher to use the new broadcasting room at the new Salmen. I continued to teach English 10th grade and Broadcasting for several years until I was asked to teach speech communications. Again, I was ready for a change and welcomed a new subject to add to my teaching career. I taught speech for two years when another position was presented to me. I was asked to take the School-To-Work Coordinator position.

         This new journey has been such a learning experience. I am so anxious to see where career technical classes will take our students and to see how those classes will evolve in the future.  Currently, Salmen offers drafting, auto-tech, culinary, EMT, CNA, medical terminology, and soon welding for dual enrollment with Northshore Technical Community College. We also offer many certifications that our students may earn before they graduate.

         If you have any questions, or are interested in learning more about dual enrollment, please feel free to email me or leave me a message.