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  • Ms. Kristin Henderson

    Welcome to English II on-level and Pre-Advanced Placement at Slidell High School.  Sophomore year is a challenging one, but parental involement, guidance, and assistance significantly enhances a student's performance in the classroom; futhermore, parental involvement is paramount for successful completion of the English II curriculum, for the scholastic expectations of this course, including state mandated assessments, can seem herculean for students at times.  Upon conclusion of the academic year, all students will take the LEAP 2025 Assessment which is a requirement for class credit, as well as graduation.  Students and I will work diligently all year to prepare for their successful completion of the End-of-Course, state mandated assessment.

    Please contact me via email with any questions, issues, or concerns regarding your student's performance in class. 

    2018-2019 will be a great year!