Amanda Milton
  • Room Number:  816


    School Number: 985-892-3422

  • CHS Proud!

    Hello!  I am Amanda Fetter Milton. 

    I teach Government and Law Studies at Covington High School, The BEST school in ST. Tammany Parish. 

                  I am a 1997 Graduate of Covington High and have taught here for 13 years.  I grew up in these halls. My mother was a guidance counselor here and taught for 34 years.  I spent my Friday nights in Jack Salter stadium as a child and on the field as a Dancin' Darlin' as a student.  I bleed BLUE AND GOLD and feel fortunate to be a part of the community of learning.

                  I am married to a Class of 1997 graduate and have 2 children.  My daughter Mackenzie is 9 years old and suffers from diabetes, epilepsy, and complications from a pediatric stroke.  She is a miracle and we are so proud of this future lion and her determination to recover.  My son Gavin, also a future lion, is 4 years old and attends a community Pre-K program.  Today his obsession happens to be Dinosaurs, tommorrows, who knows.

                  As a teacher and American citizen, i am priviledged to teach Government.  I love to see students become active participants in the political process and start to find their own world view.  It is my goal to instill the importance of civic duty to the democratic process.

                   I look forward to the 2017-2018 school year.


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