William Decker

    7th Grade Social Studies

    I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your children. 

    Materials: Your child will need to bring to class every day:

    • A one-inch binder with filler paper. Please add additional filler paper throughout the year, as needed.
    • A journal-type notebook
    • Color pencils (no markers, please).
    • A Highlighter
    • Blue or black ink pens and/or No. 2 pencils. Work in any other media will not beaccepted.
    • Social Studies textbook and workbook Once issued by the school librarian).

    Grading             93 – 100                     A

    Scale                85 – 92                        B

                            75 – 84                        C

                            67 – 74                        D

                            0 – 66                          F

     Ninety percent of your child’s grade each quarter will be based on the points that he or she accumulates for work done throughout the quarter, such as tests, vocabulary, and other classroom activities. Work not completed during the time allotted in the classroom must be completed as homework.

                Quarterly interim assessments will account for the remaining 10% of your child’s grade.

    Open Door: Our class is open to you any time that you would like to drop in and observe what we are doing.