• Music Nurtures Hearts and Minds

    One Note at a Time

    I received a B.S. in child development with a minor in music education from The University of Southern Mississippi in 1977 and my M.Ed. in elementary education from Mississippi State University in 1979. I attended Texas Tech University, Georgia State University, The University of Southern Mississippi, and Kennesaw State University for post graduate studies. My professional career spans thirty four years and this is my fifteenth year teaching in wonderful St. Tammany Parish. 

    Teaching music is my passion particularly because elementary students possess varied learning styles, experiences, and talents. I encourage my students to build upon their past, but I challenge them to acquire more artistic expression by nurturing five timeless principles: high expectations, reasoning, community, individuality, and diversity.

    My mission is to cultivate a curiosity for learning that promotes student achievement across the curriculum and to reveal the connection between music, math, science, social studies, and language arts. My lessons are based upon a multidisciplinary, interactive approach that includes community drum circles, original compositions, small group learning stations, vocal training, interpretive performance, and rhythm instruments. 

    I think that I have as much fun teaching as my students enjoy learning! Teaching music is a joy and privilege and I am very proud to serve the Madisonville community.