Sarah Al-Juraid, TRT

    Madisonville Elementary hopes that everyone has a wonderful and safe summer vacation!  The 2018-2019 school year begins August 9th for students.  Please check the main page of the school website for the most current information.  We look forward to another fabulous year with your children!

    Welcome to my school webpage!  I'm known as the TRT (Technology Resource Teacher) at Madisonville Elementary but another name for my position is the Resource Helping Teacher.  Before I took this position six years ago, I was originally a paraeducator and then became a special education teacher after receiving my Masters degree in Special Education.  My job responsibilites are vast at our school and include the roles of the SAT (Student Assistance Team) chairperson, overseeing the Gifted & Talented Arts screenings, textbook coordinator, and testing coordinator.  If I can be of help to any parents, please let me know!