Roxanna Hill
  • Roxanna Hill


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  • Welcome to the Boyet Junior High School Art Department.  My name is Roxanna Hill and I have been the Art Teacher here at Boyet for over 25 years.  I hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Abilene Christian University in Texas.  I am a native of New Mexico and lived in Colorado, Arizona and Texas before coming to Louisiana 28 years ago. 

    The art classes at Boyet are designed to boost your creativity and critical thinking skills as you explore different forms and styles of art.  You will experiment with a variety of materials and mediums and be introduced to art history, art criticism and aesthetics.

    My mission is to help students learn to love art and love the art of learning.  My masterpeices are my students who have developed the desire to learn and the ability to use their minds and talents.