•     Mrs. Cindy Featherston

     Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  This is my 27th year of teaching, my 20th in St. Tammany Parish, and my first at LYE.  The reason I chose teaching as a profession can be summed up in an excerpt from the book, 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny:  Life Lessons From Teaching by Phillip Done. He wrote, "Just think about what you know today.  You read.  You write. You work with numbers.  You solve problems.  We take all these things for granted.  But of course you haven't always read, known how to write, and weren't born knowing how to subtract 199 from 600.  Someone showed you.  There was a moment when you moved from not knowing to knowing, from not understanding to understanding.  That's why I became a teacher."

       I graduated from Lamar University with a BS in Elementary Education and a Kindergarten certification. After thirty-three hours in LSU Graduate School, I added a Deaf/Hard of Hearing Certification.  St. Tammany Parish offers many opportunities for Professional Development each year.  Just a few of these that I have been trained in are Project Read, Kagan Structures, Thinking Maps, Write From the Beginning, and ActivInspire.

        I look forward to my first year at Pitcher!! It promises to be a productive year.  Go Panthers!!