Mrs. Anderson
  • Mrs. Samantha Anderson  

               Welcome to third grade! This year is my 30th year teaching elementary school.  I have taught second, third, and sixth grades, but third grade is my favorite by far.  After receiving my B.S. from Louisiana State University in 1988, I began my teaching career in Jefferson Parish.  After eight years there I moved to St. Tammany and was lucky to get a position at Lyon, which I now call home.  During this time I have had professional training in Project Read, Working on the Work, Kagan Cooperative Learning, and Problem Solving Models.  I am a lifelong learner and each year I enjoy learning from my students as well!

               This year we will learn many wonderful and amazing things!  The moment students walk in my room they become part of our classroom community; a place where everyone is supported and everyone is accepted.  Students will not only read, write, and solve problems, but they will learn to ask questions, discuss ideas, and support their ideas.  This happens mainly because third graders make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn, which opens up their world.  I love seeing their growth during the year!

               I look forward to a wonderful year ahead!