Mr. Grush Social Studies teacher
  • I have been with Saint Tammany Public School Board for 23 years. My total teaching experience in education is 35 years. I graduated from Redemptorist High School in 1966. After serving in the U.S. military for three years, I attended Southeastern University from 1970-1974 with a B.A. degree in Social Studies. Later, I attended UNO and received a M.ED. in administration.


    At Pearl River High School, I have taught Civics, Street Law, and World Geography. Currently, I will be teaching Government and World Geography classes. Also, I am the girls and boys head coach for Cross Country and Tennis teams. In the past, I coached the girls basketball and softball teams.


    I live in Covington and am married to Beverly who has three sons and one daughter from her first marriage. She has 10 grandkids. Also, I have a brother who lives in New York and a sister in Baton Rouge  Some of my favorite activities are: traveling, running, tennis, fishing and gardening.