C Despenza
  • Charles Despenza

    Artist In-resident in Education a surreal improvisational (acrylic) painter influenced by theology, progressive color schemes; emphasis of movement in composition not unlike Jazz or a more progressive and abstracted (“Mobius strip found in math”).

    Illustrating, and painting professionally as a freelance, artist in-resident. BFA Southern University Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Instructor/Artist/Designer; Black Arts Festivals Archdiocese School New Orleans, Louisiana; Resident Artist (Hg Block grant) St. Tammany Parish Schools; Committee member in review Content standards drafted for the Arts in Education in Louisiana (BESE Board); Full-time Resident Artist Talented Arts Program (TAP) St. Tammany Parish Schools Louisiana.; State Ancillary Certification in teaching talented visual art students.

    Student may not become artist but their art experiences lead to becoming supporters of the arts over a life time. The arts positively affect academic performance, and behavior. “The students have become the canvas, paint and brush over the years.” Students’ attending the National Portfolio Day has received offered scholarships totaling half a million over the seventeen years I have been working with the Talented Visual Arts Program here in St. Tammany Parish.