• School Year 2019-2020

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to the school year 2019-2020. I look forward to having your child in my class this year. To the left you will notice a list of links to other pages on my web site. Feel free to browse through them & familiarize yourself with the structure of my web page. Below I outline my basic procedures, routines, and expectations of which your child has already be briefed and should be aware, especially those who have had me before.

    Parent contacts and involvement
    It is not my policy to contact parents unless necessary. I would, however, welcome any parent interested in their child's progress to contact me via e-mail. Notes and phone calls often go unanswered for several days, but e-mails sent through the school's web site are answered promptly.
    My e-mail- cherie.laplace@stpsb.org 

    Class Rules
    1. Speak at appropriate times.
    2. Respect the learning Environment.
    3. Complete work / Cooperate with others.
    4. Be prepared for class. (materials,notebooks, homework, assignments)
    5. Respect others.
    6. Arrive on Time and Get to work. (Bellwork, taking out notebooks, and homework)
    7. Remain seated during instruction and class assignments.
    8. Do not throw any item at any time.
    (this included tossing items in the garbage or to one another)
    9. Do not use Teacher materials or supplies without permission.
    10. Do not go into teacher desk, cabinets, closets, etc without permission.

    Grading Policies

    I do not send home folders to junior high students, but return grades directly to them. Student and parents need to establish a line of communication early in the school year. I post grades often on JPams; parents should be monitoring student progress through this school provided service. On the JPam site parents and students can view the grades they have in each category. This allows you to assess an area of weakness to address. Parents can always send me an e-mail if they are concerned about currently posted grades.

    Test, Quick Quizzes, Daily/Homework are all averaged and count as 90% of student's grade, (80% if in Algebra I)
    Exams or Parish SLT tests, if given, count as 10% of student's total grade, (20% in in Algebra 1) 
    When students do not have exams or SLT tests and all grades are averaged for their final grade.

    Assessments without names will loose 5 points if I can identify the student to which the test belongs. If I have several tests without names all students will receive the lowest grade from the group of tests with missing names. The other option is for the student to arrange a time to come in and retake a makeup assessment to replace the grade for the full 100%. Student's who make transfer errors can also come in and retake a makeup assessment to replace the grade for the full 100%. They will not be given the original assessment to copy from, but will have to retake it.

    I do not accept homework late. Absent students are not required to makeup daily/homework, but they are responsible for learning the information and getting notes from classes missed and watching embedded tutorials to catch up on missed lessons. I will highly suggest student to come in during a schedule lunch period or PE and copy notes or watch video tutorials on topics missed in class. All missed handouts will be placed in the missing resource box at the back of the classroom. Students who were absence are responsible getting these missing documents from the box on their own, if the folder is empty - ask for more!!!

    Bell Ringers consist of questions, problems or a short assignment at the start of each class. Most bell ringers are review of previously learned materials or may be new concepts taught in isolation. The purpose of these is to reinforce and review on grade level benchmarks & standards in preparation for spring testing or to move students compaction of curriculum forward. Students will given Quick Quizzes to assess the information learned from Bell Ringers. I will highly suggest student come in during a schedule lunch period or get with a fellow classmate to get a copy of missed bell work assignments.

    Quick Quizzes (QQ) Students will given QQ to assess the information learned from Bell Ringers. All QQ are time restricted, five to fifteen minutes long. When time is called for a QQ, class instruction will begin and any student continuing to work on a QQ will be responsible for class notes or instruction missed. Two or three Quick Quizzes count as one test grade!  

    Test, Assessments, and Quizzes of any sort must be done in pencil. If done with anything other than graphite pencil the assessment will loose 5 points. The other option is for the student to arrange a time to come in and retake a makeup assessment to replace the grade for the full 100%. Students will be allowed to retake or rewrite the entire assessment in pencil, they will not be given the original assessment to copy from, but will have to retake it.

    Tests are announced in advance and cover materials from the previous four to eight days of class. One class period is allowed for completion. I do not usually do test corrections or retakes; this is an Advanced Placement class and bonus or corrections are not part of the curriculum. 

    Exams/ State SLTs 
    cover all of the materials for each nine weeks but may cover all of a semesters materials if such materials were used in context of the current nine weeks lessons, as well as, basic skill that have been covered during previous nine weeks and/or strands from Bell-ringers.
    Exams count as 20%.
    Algebra I students' fourth nine week exam is the State mandated End of Course Test (EOC) as required by the Parish & State department of Education.

    Assignments or Enrichment activities are can be worth one or more grades on process and final product. I often assign projects in sections. Students may receive a grade based this observed process. Students need to come to class fully prepared to work on their assigned task or all process points may be lost for that day. Process points are assigned by a rubric. Final products should demonstrate in-depth effort, higher level thinking, and quality of content. Final products are usually grade with a rubric. If graded with a rubric, students all receive and are made familiar with the rubric by which they will be graded.

    Extra Credit is rarely given in my class due to the number of grades collected during each nine weeks. Consistent effort is the answer to improving grades.

    Other Procedures or Routines
    *Please make sure that your child maintains an adequate supply of pens, highlighters, and pencils for class. Tests are only accepted in pencil.
    *Students need to come to class prepared, (pencils, textbooks, homework, etc.) coming to class unprepared can result in the student being unable to complete or participate in assignments and result in lost points.

    This will be a year of high expectations and a lot of hard work. I hope this
    letter answered most of your questions. If you need to talk with me further,
    please send me an e-mail via the school's web page.

    Mrs. LaPlace