Coach Bob
  • Bio: B.S., M.Ed., A.S.     38th year teaching, 15th year at LRJH.






    1.) DRESS-OUT POLICY: Students may wear, or change into appropriate clothing for indoor or outdoor athletic activity. This clothing must comply with STPSB policy (no pajama pants, boxer shorts, jean shorts, leggings, cammo, khaki, etc). Sweat pants or wind suits are recommended for cold weather wear. Approprate footwear is required for indoor activities: NO crocs, sperries (topsiders), or slip-on shoes allowed. Students without P.E. shoes will not be allowed to participate in activities, and will be given a writing assignment to earn their daily grade.

    2.) EXCUSES FROM ACTIVITY: Parent notes may excuse a student for up to three days. After that time, a student may receive a 75/C weekly average until a dotor's note is presented. Extended excuses require doctor's orders, which include release dates or a follow-up visit. Students under doctor's care MAY NOT remain in the gym during inside activity (STPSB Policy). These students MUST be sent to a safe environment where they earn their grade by participating in the Health Unit. This consists of study guides, resource folders, and open-note quizzes upon completion of each unit. During outside activities, these students will be assigned a safe location by the teacher. Only students who receive full medical clearance are allowed to return to activity. As per STPSB policy, we cannot provide "Limited" physical activity, even if prescribed by a physician. Any student reporting to class with hard or soft casts or braces whether self or medical professionally applied, and do not have an excuse note, are not allowed to participate in activiies. These students may also receive a 75/C weekly average until a doctor's note is presented, and may be sent to a safe locationduring indoor activities.

    3.) GRADING POLICY: Daily: 90%, Exams: 10%  Students start each week with 100 points, and may lose points only when present in class. That way, they are not punished for missing class due to intervention, tutoring, field trips, etc. There is also no make-up work required due to absence. The daily point values are as follows: Shorts: 4points, Shirt: 3 points, Shoes: 3 points (10 points dress-out). Daily participation is worth 10 points, giving students 20 points daily towards their 100 weekly points.


    CLASS RULES: No Gum, food or soft drinks allowed in gym. 

    Remain in assigned areas before and after class.

    No student leaves class without permission or a pass.

    Use equipment properly.

    Walk quietly from place to place.

    Follow directions the first time given.

    Respect the rights of the teacher to teach and fellow classmates to learn.