• Mrs. Riche's Weekly Overview

    Week of May 14, 2018




    There will be no spelling list this week.


    **SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE - Independent Reading Challenge - Students are challenged to read a novel independentally (approved by the teacher) and pass the AR test by Monday, May21st. Those students reaching this goal will be able to create a smoothie that day in class and enjoy it during an extra recess. 

    We will complete culminating activities based on an historical fiction novel we read as a class. Comprehension strategies will be discussed / applied as we read.


    *Nightly homework - Students will be required to read at least 20 minutes per night and enter a daily response on their "Reading Connections" log. The responses will be shared daily in class.



     Student will be using their spelling list to write a creative story in class.

     We will continue working on stragegies for responding to constructed response questions. 


     Math - Math Around the World Project components will be graded

    We will continue our end of the year math project "Math Around the World" done in class. The skills covered in the project will include all 6th grade skills covered this year.



    Finish Strong!!

     Ask your child about the Bystander Revolution 

     Virtue for May - Friendliness

    **Always refer to the overview for your Social Studies and Science teacher each week.

    This Thursday - 6th grade picnic

    This Friday - 6th grade Field Day







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