• Mrs. Riche's Weekly Overview

    Week of February 5, 2018


    Spelling: Pretest Thursday: Test Friday

    This week's words will contain the /ph/ sound.


    Reading:  Vocab test on Friday

    As we focus on ancient societies and how they influence our culture today, we will continue reading "Tales From the Odyssey". The first book, "The One-Eyed Giant" will be completed this week. Vocabulary has been presented to the students. They can also go to the Quizlet site to review the words.

    Students will express their understanding by analyzing evidence and drawing meaningful conclusions about history, texts, and their environment. 

    *Nightly homework - Students will be required to read at least 20 minutes per night and enter a daily response on their "Reading Connections" log. The responses will be shared daily in class.


     English: Due: Career Interview and Shadowing Day Schedule ( if done) 

    All students are required to conduct an Career Interview with a person in their life. The form was sent home last week with the Shadowing Day information.  This will be used in class for a writing assignment. 

    Students will be working on stragegies for responding to constructed response questions. 


     Math - test Friday on material covered this week

    Mid year - math review in class daily

    This week we will continue focus on Chapter 6, Lesson 4 - 5: Algebraic Expressions as we write expressions and identify 3  math properties.   



    Fathers and daughters should mark thier calendar for March 17th at 6:30.  The "Sequins and Seersucker" Father/Daughter Dance will include dessert, DJ,  and lots of dancing!  You can only purchase tickets at http:wwwmypaymentsplus.com or the TMS website. The cost is $25.00 per couple and $5.00 for each additional TMS daughter. 


    Mardi Gras Holiday - next week!


    The virtue of the month is Perseverence.

    New AR goals for the 3nd 9 weeks have been set!


    Ask your child about the Bystander Revolution 

     **Always refer to the overview for your Social Studies and Science teacher each week.





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