• Mrs. Riche's Weekly Overview                        

    Week of January 14 , 2019


     Spelling: no test this week

    ** For the remainder of the school year, spelling tests given during each 9 weeks will be averaged and counted as one grade at the end of the 9 weeks. 

    English Language Arts:   Vocabulary test - Thursday

    Last week we began discussing the 3rd unit in Reading.  Through the reading of a novel and various selections, the students will determine what elements of ancient societies we see in our culture today. 

    Written language for this unit will include informative/explanatory and argumentative writing. 

    **Book Report due Thursday, February 7th: Genre - Classic. Students will select a book and begin reading - specific guidelines for the report will be sent home soon. 

    *Nightly homework - Students will be required to read at least 20 minutes per night and enter a daily response on their "Reading Connections" log. The responses will be shared daily in class. 


    Math: - Skills test -- Friday

    *Monday we will review skills from the first 3 math units covered this year.

    *Tuesday and Wednesday we will be taking a mid year assessment in math.

     We will begin Unit 4:Expressions and Equations. This unit will be covered in Chapters 6,7 , and 8 of the 6th grade math text. 



    Happy 2019!   

    Virtue of the month --- Humility


    **Always refer to the overview for your Social Studies and Science teacher each week.








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