• Mrs. Riche's Weekly Overview                        

    Week of September 17, 2018


     Spelling: No spelling list this week - no test!


     Reading:  In class graded activities

    Current Guidebook Unit :  "If Stones Could Speak" by Marc Aronson -- continued prereading activities. 

    This week we will begin reading, "If Stones Could Speak". Vocabulary will be introduced as we read (test will be scheduled for next week). 

    Students will discuss comprehension strategies by making "Connections" to the text. We will read and annotate the text by asking questions, relating the text to prior knowledge, and comparing it to other texts.   

     *Nightly homework - Students will be required to read at least 20 minutes per night and enter a daily response on their "Reading Connections" log. The responses will be shared daily in class.


    Students will use the C. E. R. method to answer open-ended questions. 

    1.  make a Claim          2. show Evidence          3.  state Reasoning

    *Cursive handwriting practice - full name


     Math - Skills test on material covered this week - Friday

    This week's focus will be multiplication and division of fractions. This will include simplifying fractions and changing mixed numbers to improper fractions. 

    *Nightly Math homework



    6th Grade Social --- Friday, September 21st from 6 to 8

     Virtue for September --- Empathy

    **Always refer to the overview for your Social Studies and Science teacher each      week.








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