Jenny Bennett
  • My educational philosphy centers on the belief that all students can learn, but they all learn in their own individual way.  It is my job to learn which way works best for each student, and teach them according to their way of learning.  I also believe that school is a place to develop a child not only academically, but physically, mentally, and socially.  My goal as a teacher is to instill a love of knowledge and learning in each child that I teach. 

    I graduated from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now ULL) in Lafayette in 1997. This is my 18th year of teaching and I have been at Riverside all 18 years.  I have taught 4th, 5th, PreK, and 2nd grade.  This is my 6th year teaching 2nd grade. 

    I am married and have two daughters that attend Pearl River High School.  We have lived in Pearl River for 9 years.