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  • Welcome! I am Brant Osborn, and this is my 16th year as a teacher. My goal for all of my students is to have them grow both individually and in terms of meeting the demands of the curriculum. The essence of English is reading, writing, speaking, and listening, and we will do each of those things every day. I'm looking forward to a stellar school year.


    First place: Seventh Hour Sophomores (Sparta) Class Winner: Celestial Nighthawks  Reward: Food/Drink until 10/5

    Second place: Third Hour Freshmen (Atlantis) Class Winner: Aces

    Third place: Sixth Hour Freshmen (Camelot) Class Winner: Awkwards

    Fourth place: First Hour Seniors (Winterfell) Class Winner: No Names

    Last: Fourth Hour Sophomores (Rivendell) Class Winner: Brow Bros (Answered 100% of questions right--highest among all class winners)