Lee V. Hebert, Jr.

    American History Honors, American History Dual Enrollment and On-Level American History

    Welcome to a new school year! I'm a 1978 graduate of Covington High School. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. After becoming a teacher, I returned to Southeastern and earned a Master of Education degree. I've been teaching for twenty-four years, all at Covington High School.  I have extensive experience teaching American History, American History Honors and American History Dual Enrollment through Southeastern Louisiana University.

    American History is an End of Course Test subject. The students who have successfully completed my course, in the past, have exceptional results on the EOC. After we complete our experience in American History, I anticipate the same results this year. 

    As historian David M. McCullough stated, "History is not just a subject that ought to be taught or read because it will make us a better citizen, although it will. Nor should we encourage young people to embrace history only because it creates more thoughtful and understanding human beings. History should be taught for pleasure. The joy of history, like art or music or literature, consists of an expansion of the experience of being alive!" 

    We will experience what makes the United States of America a great nation. Our "story" begins August 10th, so get ready for an exciting ride through time that will help you figure out where we have been in the past and where your generation will take us in the future.