• Welcome to Fifth Grade at Lancaster Elementary!     

    My name is Charlotte Milton. I have been teaching for 27 years.  I am married and have three grown children and seven grandchildren. My husband, Bobby, drives a school bus for Madisonville area schools and builds custom cabinets and furniture. Our home is only five minutes from the school and just across the street from my childhood home. My family has lived in this area for more than a hundred years, and you are correct in assuming that my roots run deep.  I realize that everything that happens in my classroom will send a message to my students. Knowing that these messages will have a lifelong impact on my students and their families forces me to carefully examine everything I say or do. My students may not be able to remember a specific academic lesson or activity that we did in fifth grade, but the lessons they learned about working together and showing respect for themselves and others will have an influence on them and others long after they leave my classroom. I consider myself a lifelong learner and realize that a great deal of what I have learned in my 59 years has occurred through life experiences outside of the classroom. My husband has taught me that true love is possible and can last a lifetime. Through raising my children, I have learned that everyone has different temperaments and personalities, which requires relating to them in different ways. I have learned that true friendships are invaluable and that it takes a lot of nurturing to keep these relationships strong. Finally, it is my faith in God that holds my life together through its many ups and downs. I look forward to working with you and your child and learning about the things that are important in your lives. Together we can make this a fantastic year for your child!