-Students will:

    •  During the entire month of May, students will engage in concepts that they will encounter in the first quarter of 8th grade.  Students will:
    • -write and evaluate powers.
    • -evaluate power of ten.
    • -multiply and divide monomials.
    • -explain the difference between a monomial, binomial and a trinomial.
    • -find the power of a power.
    • -find the power of a product.
    • -simplify expressions using negative exponents.
    • -find the square root and cube root of a number.


    Monday     May 11,

    • Class Riddle
    • Notes: Negative Exponent
      -complete an Exponent Table with negative numbers-solve expressions using negative exponents


    Tuesday     May 13, 

    •  Class Riddle
    •  Review Expressions with Negative Exponents


    Wednesday    May 14,   

    • Computer lab


    Thursday      May 15,

    •  Class Riddle
    •  Notes: Roots-Square Root and Cube Root



    Friday         May 11,

    • Class Riddle
    • More Practice: Square Root and Cube Root