-Students will: 

    1. Use what they know about "equations" to solve inequalities.  
    2. Graph their solution set of an inequlaity on the number line.
    3. State the difference between an open circle (non-shaded circle) and a closed/shaded circle and when the circles should be used.
    4. Review integers, equations, and expressions to prepare for our 2nd Quarter Exam.


    Monday     December 11,

    • Review Multiplying and Dividing One Step inequalities.  Textbook page 508 problems 1, 2 and 3
    • Discuss Study Guide Response #4 and 6
    • HOMEWORK: All students will be given any missed assignments to complete for homework.  If your child does not have a blank grade in jpams they do not have homework. REVEIW CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM.


    Tuesday     December 12,

    • Review Two Step Inequlaities.  Textbook page 516 problems 1, 2 and 3
    • Discuss Study Guide Response #5
    • HOMEWORK: Complete missed assignment AND submit any sign test papers. m Study for Exam tomorrow


    Wednesday    December 13,

    • MATH EXAM - Part I CONSTRUCTED RESPONSE.  Students will be given 8 constructed Response questions to choose from.  They must select ANY 3 of the 8.  ALL students must select one Integer Constructed Response, one Inequality Constructed Response and one Expression or Equation Constructed Response.
    • Homework: none


    Thursday      December 14,

    • If ANY student is in need of additonal time to complete Part I of exam they will continue today.  All others will be given Study Guide for Part II of Math Exam.
    • Homework: Study Guide PART II of Quarter Exam Part



    Friday         December 15,

    • Review for exam.
    • Homework: Study for Part II of Quarter Exam