• Lesson Plans for the Week of March 18,2019

    Social Studies (Homeroom Only)

    Monday:  Discuss and Review Chapter 4 Study Guide.

    Tuesday:  13 Original Colonies:  Climate, Geography, and Economy

    Wednesday: Chapter 4 Assessment

    Thursday:  Chapter 5 Introduction (American Revolution) -- Samual Adams-Champion of Liberty

    Friday:  Lesson 1:  Tensions with Britain text pgs. 144-149; Read/Annotate/Discuss; answer questions 1-6


    Acheive 3000 Articles:

    Monday: Computer Lab-No article

    Tuesday: Colonial Era:  America Looks Back

    Wednesday: Computer Lab (Mrs. Walcott) - No article

    Thursday:  Sturgeons Need Saving

    Firday: The Lost People


    Unit goal: Students read literary texts to understand that even in the most fantastical settings, literature can teach us real lessons about life. Students explore the opposition of good vs. evil, the value in courage, adventure, forgiveness, and honesty. They begin to consider how authors convince readers to believe the impossible and discuss the history and use of special effects in movies to begin to see how imagination and creativity can inspire story-telling. Students express their understanding of narrative point of view and the features of the fantasy genre by considering the stories from another perspective.

    Standards:  Lessons 6-9:  RL.5.1, RL.5.2, RL.5.3, RL.5.4, RL.5.9, RL.5.10, RF.5.4, W.5.4, W.5.8, W.5.9, W.5.10, SL.5.1, SL.5.2, SL.5.4, L.5.1a, L.5.3a, L.5.4

    Monday: Lesson 6:  Examining How a Narrator Reveals What Characters are Thinking and Feeling -- After reading chapter 3, students will examine how a narrator reveals information about a character by sharing his/her thoughts and feelings.  They will examine a passage and identify the narrator's shift from revealing one character's thoughts to revealing another's thoughts. (Point of View/Perspective)

    Tuesday:  Lesson 7:  How Do We Learn Lessons From the Characters in a Text? -- Students will use the information that they have gathered during the past several lessons to consider the lessons that the main characters are learning. Students will identify how the challenges that the characters face lead to the lessons that they learn. They will understand how an author uses the experiences of a character to teach the reader a lesson. (Theme)

    Wednesday:  Lesson 8:  Analyzing Poetry -- Students will analyze the poem, "Adventrues of Isabel" by Ogden Nash and identify its message. The students will work in groups to analyze the peom completing a TP-CASST handout.

    Thursday:  Lesson 9:  Analyzing Poetry for Theme -- Students

    Friday: Wrap-up and revew lessons 6-9

    Daily Vocabulary:  Students will complete Daily Academic Vocabulary each day.  This will be turned in on Friday for a Reading grade. 

    Week #20 words are:  

    Weekly Grammar Review (Mountain Language)

    Monday #s 1-5

    Tuesday #s 6-10

    Wednesday #s 11-15

    Thursday #s 16-20

    Friday - Mountain Language Assessment




    Students' main homework assignments will be to complete any classwork that is not completed in class.  Occasionally I will assign a short homework assignment for them to complete, however it will never be more than a 30-45 minute assignment.  I will give the students time each afternoon to write down any homework that they may have.  If I assign a homework assignment other than unfinished classwork, I will add the assignment to this website when it is assigned.  I will check homework EVERY TIME I assign it.  

    CommonLit assignments are due each Friday by 11:00pm.  This week's article is an informational text, "Pet Rocks".  Due on Friday, Feb. 15th by 11:59pm.  If your child has not set up a CommonLit account on line yet, it is very important that they do.  This is a daily reading grade every week.

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