• Ms. Lott

    I have been teaching Art at Slidell High School for 22 years.  Prior to my teaching career, I worked as an art director, production assistant manager and a graphic artist in an advertising company.  I’m excited about sharing and teaching the Talented Arts Program at Slidell High.  I attended University of Alabama in Birmingham and graduated with a BFA and BA from William Carey University in Graphic Design, Drawing and Art Education.  I enjoy all aspects of art and I’m currently focusing on sculpture and painting in my own works at this time.

    Needless to say, I’ve watched many young artists grow and flourish in my time.  Whether they have gone on into art careers or pursued other career paths, their time learning and creating has made a positive difference in their lives. 

    Remember, if students are doing the work then they have courage! In Talented Art, doing the work means taking the existing talent and working hard to develop skills, creativity and originality.  Moving beyond copying is not easy because it requires going beyond the familiar comfort zone.  I believe when students are truly challenged and assisted as they grow through their initial frustrations with new mediums and techniques, they are developing their art making skills as well as their problem solving abilities. 

    Developing as an artist also means learning to talk the talk, art talk that is.  Talking the talk requires learning vocabulary, participating in critiques, and studying art history.  Critiques are essential.  They help every student and they are always done with respect and courtesy.  What I love about Art History is that it is World History at the same time but on a richer and more personal level.  It’s like a personal insider’s view of what was going on at different times in different cultures.  The focus is on what people made, built, and what they chose to embellish.

    I have some fun and equally challenging projects planned for this year and invite any of you who have a specific skill and would like to share it with us to send me an e-mail.  I will certainly be contacting you at IEP time but feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

    I look forward to a great year of growth and creativity for the students!