T. Rogers
  • Welcome to Health Occupations (10th)/Medical Terminology (11th)!


     What is Health Occupations?

      An introduction to the health care field.  It includes history of medicine, characteristics of medical workers, and the many careers in and around health care.  Not every student will become a doctor/nurse, but the advancement of medicine has created many new fields that many students have never considered.  Our final goal is to find a direction and move forward.





    What is Medical Terminology?

      A comprehensive view of medical language.  Students will be introduced to the the basic rules of word building and analysis.  Early chapter will deal with the history and fundamentals of medical language.  Subsequent chapters will focus on the use of these terms in various sytems of the body.  This course can be taken as a Dual Enrollment class for college credit.




  • Tim Rogers- Health Science Instructor