Mrs. Jeanna Brown


  • I am very excited to be teaching 6th grade Math & Science at Pine View this year! This is my 20th year teaching where I have taught 4th, 5th, & 6th grades along the way. A Rockin' year is in our future!
    I am a mom of two amazing young men, a 7th grader and a college junior at ULL in Lafayette. I enjoy spending time with family and friends or just hanging out at home with my husband, boys, and dogs. You can often find me relaxing on our back porch or curled up under my Princess Blanket reading a good book on my Kindle.

  • Math- We are working on Unit 2: Arithmetic Operations including Dividing by a Fraction. (Ch. 3, p. 201-222). 

    Science- We are finishing up on a project using Newton's Laws. In class, group project, creating a vessel to protect an egg that will be dropped from a height greater than 6 feet. Drop on Monday! Then we will move into Motion (Ch. 6)

    Social Studies- We are continuing with Egypt. (Ch. 4, p. 98-119)

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