• Hello Cypress Cove Elementary,

    Coach Bailey and I are super excited to announce that Cypress Cove Elementary has joined with the American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge for the month of November. The challenge is called "No Soda November." We will be encouraging our young students to drink more water and choose less drinks that have added sugar for the month of November.

    You can participate in the challenge many ways.

    1. Please just encourage your child to make healthy drink and food choices. Keep in mind that the American Heart Association states that a child should not eat or drink more than 3.5 teaspoons of added sugar a day.

    2. Download the Kids Heart Challenge app through the app store and your child will receive a glow in the dark bracelet from us during their PE class.

    3. Go online to to pledge to be heart healthy.


    Email Coach Bunny at if you have any questions.